Dance Dance for your Life: Top10 Music Videos Featuring Dance

2. World’s End Girlfriend – Les Enfants du Paradis

Directed by Yohei Saito, we sure love World’s End Girlfriend’s take on the choreography-based music videos with Les Enfants du Paradis, taking contemporary dance to music video height genius alongside Masako Yasumoto (once again on this list!!!). It’s hard to imagine a seven-and-a -half minute music video that only features one dancer doing her routine in one sole room lit just the same throughout the duration of the piece.

The result is electrifying… almost literally considering World’s End Girlfriend’s track. — Ghost

1. Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice

We told you it wouldn’t be the last time seeing Spike Jonze, and this is really no surprise at all. Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice, featuring a very dancy Christopher Walken, is the epitome of a music video built on the idea of dancing. Visually interesting, engaging, infectious — and almost iconic on its own — still looks fresh after over 10 years of its release and its coronation at what used to be MTV’s VMA Breakthrough Music Video category.

There’s also a questionable changed shot, because that’s not Walken doing a flip, right? And by the end of the routine, there’s obvious flying with a wire… but we can let that go because it’s so cool! – Amy

But don’t take our list as the definite list. We want to hear more about music videos that feature dance!

Have you found anything on this list to your liking?

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3 Responses

  1. Camiele says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! In all my backlog editing how did I miss this one?!?!?!?!!!??

    I’m gonna have to say that your Top 3 is pretty much what mine would look like, except I’d want Bjork’s at number 3, with my favourite dancer Janet at number 2. Obviously, “Weapon of Choice” was the ONLY choice (no pun intended…. honest) for number one.

    Perhaps Usher’s “U Remind Me” would also work… he’s only dancing around the chick the whole time… well, there is a mini-dance break. So I guess that would knock it down a bit further.

    This is a hella interesting idea for a “Best Dance” post! I still can’t believe, with all my bitching and moaning about dance, I didn’t actually get around to reading or editing this *sad face is sad*. But MAN I’m glad I finally got the chance to check this out!

    And, you’re right about “Singin’ in the Rain.” Perhaps it should just be on the list because… well… it’s friggin “Singin’ in the Rain!!!”

    • amy says:

      @Camiele, I wonder what U Remind Me would have gotten on the list. We did consider it xD but it got cut down because there’s the whole walking and singing more than actual dancing.

      I blame it on the strange mv setup hahaha.

      • Camiele says:

        @amy, I guess you could think of the walking as part of the dancing… a literal dancing around the woman of interest, metaphorically he’s dancing around being with the girl because she reminds him so much of this girl he once dated.

        The walking would have to be choreographed because it would have to work perfectly in conjunction with the girl’s walking. That is something that’s sort of accepted in the dance world as part of choreography, especially if it fits the movement of the music.

        But, of course, that’s getting a little too deep when you have videos on the list that are more readily conducive to what your point system is… HaHA.

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