Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha!: Interview with Galaxy Express

The energetic guys of Galaxy Express just landed in the United States to start their longest, largest and most extensive U.S. tour yet. I had the chance to ask the guys a few pre-tour questions to figure out what’s on their minds as they head into this all new adventure.

You released your new album Galaxy Express not long ago, and it seems like you’ve grown a lot. What was the process like for this album?

Jong-Hyun: In 2010, we made our “Wild Days” album really quickly. We wrote, recorded, and released the album in the span of 30 days. It was a crazy idea to do everything so fast. The whole thing was fun to do, but it was kind of stressful at times because we were trying to get everything finished in such a short amount of time. After doing that, we wanted to take our time with this album. We started writing new songs right after our spring 2012 USA tour and recorded from August to October. Working with no set deadline made the songwriting and recording processes a lot more laidback and also allowed us to fully flesh out all the different ideas we had for the album.

Do you have any musical styles or collaborations you’d like to try in the future?

Ju-Hyun: We’d like to make our music more psychedelic. We’re all big fans of old Korean psychedelic rock, so we’ve been trying to work more aspects of that into our sound. We’d like to keep trying to make things more and more trippier in the future.

This is your third trip to the US and your biggest tour yet, what are you looking forward to the most?

Hee-Kwon: I’m most looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon. It’s been a dream of mine to visit the Grand Canyon since I was a child. Because of me, the original route and schedule we had planned for this tour was changed a bit so that we’d have a few days off to go to the Grand Canyon.

Jong-Hyun: We’re looking forward to everything about the tour … well, except for maybe the long drives! This will be the biggest tour we’ve ever done. We’re looking forward to catching up with friends we’ve made on our previous American tours and to seeing lots of new cities and meeting lots of new people as well.

Ju-Hyun: I’m excited to visit Las Vegas on this tour. I think that’s the kind of place that Galaxy Express can have a lot of wild fun in – and maybe get in a bit of trouble too!


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