Back Again: The 2017 Interview with Galaxy Express

You played very differently during your set on Saturday night at the Barracuda, what do you think made the difference? Was it playing outside of the influence of K-Pop, and on your own feet?

Jonghyun: For K-Pop Night Out, we had to map out our set a month in advance so that the organizers could prepare all the production stuff for the showcase. For our gig at the Barracuda, we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted to. I think that made us feel a lot more comfortable going into the concert.

Your tour in 2013 took you all across the U.S., and you loved seeing the Grand Canyon, is there anything else in the country you would still love to see or visit?

Juhyun: There are so many places we still haven’t visited and sights we haven’t seen. We’ve been to the U.S. four times now, but have only seen a small part of the country. We’d love the chance to do more tours there and get to go to lots of new places so that we can learn about them and meet the people there.

You are planning to release a new single every month for the rest of the year – can you tell us about your plans, and where we can follow your progress? With last years’ Walking on Empty being a much more relaxed, well thought out and more mature album, what changes can we expect to here in the releases for this year?

Juhyun: Initially we were planning to release a single every month, but I don’t think that it is going to happen now. Instead, we’re going to keep working on new music all year long and will release songs as soon as they are finished. I’m not sure what the new songs will sound like. I’d like them to contain a lot of raw energy, but they haven’t been written yet so we’ll see what happens when we start working on them.

Jonghyun: We released a new single right before going to SXSW called The Way. And we put out a music video for the track a few weeks ago too. Hopefully we’ll have another new song ready to share soon.


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