Amy’s 2018 Music Highlights

9. Bohan Phoenix – OVERSEAS 海外

Bohan Phoenix is one of the hottest new acts (alongside Vava) to come out of the Chinese hip hop scene in recent years, despite the newly implemented mainstream ban on the genre. His locating in the US, and traveling back and forth between America and China, give him an edge to rap in both Mandarin and English about issues that hover around the minds of Asian Americans… or specifically, maybe, Chinese Americans. Or Chinese in America? Take your pick.

You can also get his stuff on your music service of choice, including Bandcamp.

8. Welshly Arms – No Place Is Home

What can I say? I do have a weakness for bluesy rock and folk rock. You’re all lucky I didn’t go all full country on you all, because I’ve been listening to a lot of it lately.

With a decent self-titled debut in 2015 and a bunch of good singles here and there, No Place Is Home is probably Welshly Arms’ most consistent work so far. Soundwise and thematically.

You can listen to Welshly Arms’ No Place Is Home on your music service of choice.

7. Fang Shi’er (方拾贰) – SHIER (拾贰)

I discovered Fang Shi’er last year, as she was included in one of Xiami’s music compilations, and she released her -nearly- self-titled SHIER this year. An album that continues to explore her Chinese-infused folktronica.

You can listen to Fang Shi’er’s SHIER on iTunes, Spotify and Xiami.


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