Abracadabra: The Mother Father Gentleman Launch of Son GaIn

What kind of Brunch would you cook for your lover?

I want to make Kimchi-jjigae [1]. Cooking is one of 3 things that I’m good at. Crab stew, Braised chicken… I can make good stew. Of course, I love this kind of brunch [Western style] but I’m Korean, so I like Kimchi-jjigae better.

Ga-In is a GREAT South Korea (and Asian) flag-bearer. Not only are we telling the country (and region) that it doesn’t matter whether you have a monolid or double eyelid, which seems to be a huge issue for Asians — why can’t we just let our eyes be?? Ga-In is a pop star that wants to do what she wants without having to betray who she is, and with her humble personality, that make golden quotes such as this:

I often wonder whether such a person like me is deserving of this much love; the thought is both amazing and pressuring. But I think because of these feelings, I’m able to do whatever I can without greed. [1]

I can’t argue. I want to support her through. Even more so because her English skills may not be the best [1][2][3], and that if she ever wanted to expand internationally, some people would be expecting her to improve that skill set. Nothing in the world (of entertainment) would make me more happy than to see Ga-In find success with the music she wants to make, when she wants to make it, however she wants to make it- even if that means she will be singing in Korean.

In fact, I so damn want her to find success doing just that- singing in Korean.

Girls want to be her, girls want to be with her, guys want to be with her and I suppose there are guys who would want to be her as well. Talented, beautiful, grounded- Son Ga-In, you’re really the whole package, right?

We’re all eagerly expecting Brown Eyed Girls comeback this year!


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  1. elegiacomo says:

    Great article. I like how we fly the BEG flag, haha

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