A Sweet Sixteen – 2016’s Best Music

A global list of albums from a year that brought the world more boundaries. It was also a year that brought us the shock of the new, yet with a nagging feeling of history repeating. In that spirit, these 16 albums from 2016 are listed with their spiritual cousins from decades past.


Europe, the US, Latin, and Asia – all are represented in this region-free rundown of the year’s best.

Kero Kero Bonito – Bonito Generation

Our decade’s equivalent of: 1997’s The New Transistor Heroes by Bis, askew indie-pop with enough smarts to bear out the cute.

Or the equivalent of: Hanging out in the common room of London’s funnest sixth form art college.

Standout track: Lipslap

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M83 – Junk

Our decade’s equivalent of: 2001’s 10 000 Hz Legend by Air.

Or the equivalent of: A technicolour trip through ’70s soft focus lenses.

Extra Notes: This is better than the reviews made it out to be. It’s more song based than soundscape, sure, but what’s wrong with that?

Standout track: Road Blaster

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Junior Boys – Big Black Coat

Our decade’s equivalent of: 2006s Color Strip by Jimmy Edgar.

Or the equivalent of: A soft, sleek sensuality amongst cold, sleek software.

Extra notes: Their best album in a decade.

Standout track: Kiss Me All Night from companion EP of the same name

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AlunaGeorge – I Remember

Our decade’s equivalent of: 1992’s Now Is Early by Nicolette.

Or the equivalent of: Early sunset on a humid night.

Extra Notes: Hey, UK press – be more supportive of British talent like this. Cheers.

Standout track: Mediator

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 Neon Bunny – Stay Gold

Our decade’s equivalent of: 2001’s Simple Things by Zero 7

Or the equivalent of: The comforting glow of neon lights.

Standout track: Room 314

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Giacomo Lee is a London writer. His new book Funereal is out now, a unique novel on death, k-pop & cultural technology in Seoul, South Korea. #한류 #doppelgängnamstyle

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