A Bright Idea – Interview With Genius

Your latest EP Lucky Mistake is pretty short, but rather somber and low-key in mood. What inspired this latest exploit from Genius?

Kim Il Du: I don’t think so. Happy and bright songs.

When you’re 88 years old, do you see yourselves still playing music?

Kim Il Du: Of course if I can.

Steve C: I’ll still be writing love songs to Russian tennis stars.

Lee Chung Mok: Nope. Shitting my pants.


So, finally, what would you like our readers to take away from this interview about Genius?

Kim Il Du: Hallow Friends.
I’m Kim Ildu.
I love Teletubbies.
And I have no A/C.
I can’t sleep every night these days.
What can I do?
How can I do?
Tell me something good.

Steve C: Say Sue Me drummer Semin Kang, once told me, “My brother and I think pro wrestling is the world’s highest form of art… But we still don’t want to watch it.” That’s us.

You can check out music from Genius on Bandcamp & keep up with them on Facebook.


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