A Bright Idea – Interview With Genius

With so much attention lately on Korean music, what is one thing you’d like people to realize about what it’s really like to be making music there, now?

Kim Il Du: M.. Sorry.
I have no idea about it.
How can I know that?
But I can guess.
I think Korean people really like hanging out. They are natural smart people.
But I’m not smart.
Not natural.
So I don’t know.
Goddam it.

Steve C: It’s just like anywhere else: do it if you have to. Don’t try.

You’ve talked about some weird fan interactions during performances. What are some of your favorite memories from live performances?

Kim Il Du: All Basement show in Busan and Big Day South in Ulsan.
I feel I was nice that times.

About with fans,
I talked with fans before or after show. They bought beer for me.
I made them angry.

Lee Chung Mok: An old guy gave me $10 after we finished playing a set on Haeundae Beach.

Out of all the touring you’ve done so far, where do you think you get the best reaction from the crowd?

Kim Il Du: Sometimes some drunk people hit my body and hit my face. It’s perfect reaction for crazy night.

Steve C: The Basement in Busan is always sticky and drunk and fun.


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