A Bright Idea – Interview With Genius

What got you interested in making music (aside from you know, the whole, sex/drugs/rock’n’roll thing these people sing about…)?

Kim Il Du: I don’t know.
To me, fun and so nice.
Better than liars.

Steve C: The second song I ever wrote rhymed “Holly Danielle Robison / Wish we could be more than friends.”  …So you can probably guess.

Lee Chung Mok: High school sucks.

Busan stays pretty low on the radar for most music enthusiasts around the world – what can you tell us about the scene there? 

Kim Il Du: Good from long time ago.
More good these days.
I hope more many people make band and play. Good for mental and body.

Steve C: Seoul produces more coffee shop rock / Maroon 5 clones. We need to catch up. Unfortunately we have no Hyukoh.

Who are some other bands from Busan that our readers should be aware of?

Kim Il Du: Sidecar. 3Volt. Say Sue Me. Unchained. Hoppers. Ska Wakers and more.

Steve C: Actually, Say Sue Me just released a new EP July 14. It’s great.


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