100 Songs of Chinese Music

9. Mama Get Me a Guitar (媽媽送我一個吉他) – Mimi and the 5 Petals (蔡咪咪和五花瓣合唱團)

And we continue the 60s with this Taiwanese band, who scored their biggest hit with this song (also recorded by Teresa Teng), the main title of their 1968 album of the same name.

10. The Forgotten Times (被遺忘的時光) – Chin Tsai (蔡琴)

Taiwanese singer Chin Tsai’s 1979 debut album Farewell My Country (出塞曲) contained this vocally rich song.

11. Olive Tree (橄欖樹) – Chyi Yu (齊豫)

12. Tian Mi Mi (甜蜜蜜) – Teresa Teng (鄧麗君)

I know Teresa Teng (the Queen of Chinese immigrants around the globe) has many other more popular songs, so popular even Bon Jovi did a cover of, but Tian Mi Mi is so precious, it’s my pick for this list. If I were ranking this songs, this and Mo Li Hua would definitely rank at the top.


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  1. Such a great feature! “Mama Get Me a Guitar” is cute. The Chin Tsai song is so good- what is the title? Either characters or pinyin romanization. Wow at Ding Wei. Laure Shang has such a cool voice. And I’ve probably said before that I really like the clarity of the voices of the Tibetan/-influenced? singers.

    • Amy says:

      The Chin Tsai song is The Forgotten Times (被遺忘的時光) :) – and yes, they all have such quality to their voice. I love it.

    • amy says:

      My favorite new one is #4, Chinese Cabbage. Every time it comes on, I have to sing lol and my mom was listening to it, and translated saying it’s a super sad song! Something about not having your mom and your dad re-marrying, and being poor with your brother having something to wear and something to eat, while you are left with just broth and asking for something to wear.

      You have to be grateful of the excess many live in now, the biggest complain has to be that iPhones and Galaxy phones are getting bigger. Seriously. Grateful for the food that I enjoy every single day.

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