YAM’s Top Films of 2013 Redux

#2 – 12 Years a Slave


Due to distribution and the geographical location of many of the voting YAM Magazine writers, many of us hadn’t gotten the chance to watch 12 Years a Slave when we did our first round of voting. Though the film managed to -almost- reach our Top5 that time; Steve McQueen’s crude, yet subtle, dramatization of slavery in the United States excelled in not only in narrative and its production value, but it also gave film history an array of performances for the ages.

McQueen also gave the amazing Chiwetel Ejiofor the time to shine, and also gave us Lupita!

#1 – Gravity

Though for many people, the “magical” experience of watching Gravity in 3D at the theater didn’t translate to the smaller screens at home, the YAM Magazine team didn’t agree and kept the film at the top. So, haters~


The YAM Team has crowned Cuaron’s space nightmare of survival and human nature as their favorite once again.

How about you? Did your favorite 2013 movies change through the course of 2014?

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