YAM Magazine’s Top12 Film Villains of the Noughties

#4 – #3

Anton Chigurh on No Country for Old Men

What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss. 

O-Ren Ishii on Kill Bill Vol. 1

The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or American heritage as a negative is… I collect your f*cking head. Just like this f*cker here. Now, if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, now’s the f*cking time!

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  1. Camiele says:

    I kinda LOVE this list.

    I’d have to say Mokilok from The Cell and Lee Woo-jin from OldBoy should be contenders, though I suppose if I wanted to vote for them I should’ve vistited Facebook… whoops… HaHa.

  2. Camiele says:

    OH! And Hexxus from Ferngully! That thing was DISGUSTING and evil all at the same time!!!

    Can a mysterious plague outbreak be considered a villian? If so… that deadly shit from The Grave of Fireflies is a good candidate.

  3. GIACOMO says:

    Kevin from SIn City still haunts me

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