YAM Magazine’s Top12 Film Villains of the Noughties

This time around [1] it’s a Hitfix.com list, which triggered the YAM Magazine team to go on another voting session. There were thousands of movies — seriously, there has been a LOT of movies released over the past 12 years — but we decided to take it easy. No rules applied. Just good old fashion voting for your favorite villain regardless of original medium, which means… the most watched movies had the most votes generally.

Surprisingly, though~~~

No. Voldemort didn’t make the Top12.

Neither did Mo’Nique for her award-winning role on Precious, nor Tilda Swinton for her latest performance as The White Witch in the Narnia series, or even Sakura Ando’s psychotic performance on Love Exposure. None of the people in the graphic above made it, but they were in the running.

So who did?

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  1. Camiele says:

    I kinda LOVE this list.

    I’d have to say Mokilok from The Cell and Lee Woo-jin from OldBoy should be contenders, though I suppose if I wanted to vote for them I should’ve vistited Facebook… whoops… HaHa.

  2. Camiele says:

    OH! And Hexxus from Ferngully! That thing was DISGUSTING and evil all at the same time!!!

    Can a mysterious plague outbreak be considered a villian? If so… that deadly shit from The Grave of Fireflies is a good candidate.

  3. GIACOMO says:

    Kevin from SIn City still haunts me

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