YAM Magazine’s Marvel Cinematic Universe Films Ranked

9. Guardians of the Galaxy

8. Spider-Man: Homecoming

As the most chaotic franchise (probably head to head with X-Men), we were all skeptical in yet-another (and much younger) revamp in a historical corporate collaboration between Sony and Marvel that gave birth to Homecoming, and Spidey’s final inclusion into the MCU. We were surprised and we all had fun.

In Tom Holland we, kinda, trust.

7. Ant-Man

Many in the team were already huge Paul Rudd fans, Ant-Man just gave them a reason to love him more with a lot more people.

6. Captain America: Civil War

5. Black Panther

Princes and Princesses have never been this badass.


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  1. Thanks for the work compiling this ranking, and glad to see a Rachel House shoutout too!

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