Top10 #52FilmsByWomen 2016

I’m a complete fail when it comes to commitment, so I didn’t want to commit to the #52FilmsByWomen project because I wasn’t sure I was gonna pull it off without stressing. Halfway through the year, however, I was counting the movies made by female filmmakers and I was doing better than I was expecting. Strangely enough, my female film intake decreased when I started to pay more attention to it. By the December I was hurrying, because I didn’t want to count the shorts that I had seen (2). I also was trying to have a clean list, so I didn’t want to rely on co-directed films (5), by I didn’t make it.

I watched a total of 55 films directed by women from all over the world~

These are my Top10~

The Special Mentions~

Emmanuelle Bercot’s Standing Tall (La Tête Haute), Sian Heder’s Tallulah, Patricia Rozema’s Into the Forest, Barbara Kopple’s Miss Sharon Jones!, Anna Biller’s The Love Witch, Leena Yadav’s Parched [Trailer] and Andrea Arnold’s American Honey!

10. The World of Us (우리들) dir. Yoon Ga-Eun (윤가은)

There is no girl and/or woman in the world that wouldn’t get this movie. Yoon Ga-Eun’s The World of Us follows the lives of two girls that find each other’s company, but are torn apart because the world of girl emotions are so complicated when you’re this young.

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  1. This year, I sort of petered out on watching films by the end of the year. Sherpa, a documentary about Everest guides, was probably the best female-directed film I watched. I did finally get around to Eve’s Bayou and I see why it’s considered a classic. Finally got around to Sakuran too, which could have been improved by at least a better sound mixer but was still engaging. About 111 Girls (Darbare 111 dokhtar, 111 Girls) was also good. I watched a few others that were okay. The Falling was satisfying overall but had the potential to be really great imo.

    My most-watched performer was a lady, though – Meiko Kaji, in six films!

    • amy says:

      Six films! I’m still waiting if Letterboxd will be sending me my End of the Year email.

      • re: six Meiko Kaji films: I got a free Mubi trial when they had the Stray Cat Rock films on there, and I had already borrowed Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter from the library and saw Lady Snowblood 2 on Hulu before Criterion left them.

        Sherpa was free on National Geographic Channel/OnDemand for a while here too.

        • Amy says:

          Yeah, I meant I needed that email because I couldn’t count how many films of one person I’ve seen. xD My watching is so random. lol

          What are you mostly using for streaming nowadays? I’ve found a brand new site for Indian streaming, Einthusan. I asked, and it’s available down here, but haven’t been lucky with streaming speed with no account, so I haven’t tested a full movie yet. There’s a couple of good titles there~

        • Amy says:

          FYI, Bangalore Days is available on that site (by Anjali Menon), and not related to this list— Sairat is also available. Good movie, left me depressed LOL

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