TCM Classic Film Festival 2011: Red Carpet Interviews

YAM: I’m with YAM.
Andy Marx: Where are the potatoes?
YAM: [laughs] It stands for Yet Another Magazine. So I wanted to ask you about Harpo, because he’s my favorite and no one ever really talks about Harpo.
AM: That’s because he didn’t talk. Many people think that Harpo was sort of the unsung genius because he didn’t talk and everything was mimed.

YAM: I recently saw The Story of Mankind and he just sort of pops up out of nowhere and he’s Isaac Newton and it was genius.
AM: He was big in France. You know, like, mimes, you know people like Marcel Marceau, so people like that, they idolized him. Because he didn’t have the script, the words to work with he had to do more.

Patricia Ward Kelly, widow of Gene Kelly »

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