Korean Film Blogathon 2012 Highlights

I know, I know. I’m already late to the party.

I had the unpleasant surprise of finding out that this year’s Korean Film Blogathon was going to be clashing with my trip to Taiwan/Korea. But what better way to miss a Korean Film Blogathon than getting the chance to spend one week in Korea, right?

Well, I didn’t have enough time to actually go to the cinema there, but I did leave for my trip leaving a couple of scheduled posts (my review of Spring Bears Love, and my love post to Doona Bae), as well as having the YAM Magazine family participate. In the end, not being there urging people to write really clamped on our style and didn’t let us participate as much as we had hoped, I think.

Anyway, I finally found the time to catch up on our fellow bloggers’ contributions, and found some very interesting posts ~~ especially by a Finnish blogger writing at Orion’s Ramblings. It was time to shine for our fellow affiliate site, VCinema, who also co-hosted the event and collaborated with several posts, including one that caught my attention immediately: their podcast with a review of Saving my Hubby.

Anything to do with Doona Bae is a good post in my book. ;)

Then Gail Kavanagh over at Asian Cinema Cafe writes about the Ten Reasons to Become a Korean Cinema Addict in a very comedic way that resonates easily with those who have seen a wide range of Korean films — not just Vengeance films: See Ghost’s blog post, Korean Films: We Aren’t All About Vengeance.

While Orion’s Ramblings post caught my eye immediately with very grabbing titles such as, Doomsday Book – Where Is Your Sci-Fi, Korea? and Hollywood Invasion – The End of Korean Cinema? — you can’t get any more controversial than that~

In the end, I want to close my highlights with one of KOFFIA’s (Korean Film Festival in Australia) contributions to the week: So you want to run a Korean Film Festival: The KOFFIA Story, a fantastic (sorta) how-to guide on getting started with your own film festival.

To everyone~ see you next year?

Also, don’t miss some of our other Korean film and short film reviews published not for the blogathon:


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  1. Thanks for the links!
    I had planned to join in the blogathon with one comparison of “Mother” and “Poetry” and another of the interior worlds of “I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK” and “The Housemaid” (1960). Never got to writing them. bad me.

    • amy says:

      @Diandra Rodriguez, it’s always hard to time post, especially with work and LIFE getting in the way. Next time, when you get the idea, I would suggest you write them right away and just leave them as drafts… LOL Trust me, it helps sometimes.

      Have you gotten the chance to see the remake of The Housemaid?

      • @amy, yeah, I have two things in drafts on my personal film blog, but I should try that more often. Thanks!

        Is the remake worth watching?

        • amy says:

          @Diandra Rodriguez, I didn’t like it as much, even though it’s very stylish and moody… even more so than the original version. It’s a lot more shocking, too, I thought. It’s an interesting watch for a remake.

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