Korean Film Blogathon 2011 Highlights

And so the first Korean Film Blogathon by newkoreancinema.com and cineAWESOME came and went, with bloggers around the world writing about anything Korean Cinema related. A whole week with over 100 entries all about the good, the bad, and the weird — pun intended — of Korean films.

We also participated with a few post, many of them because many in our staff have a Korean bias. So you can check our multiple posts for this year’s Korean Film Blogathon and our possible posts for future Korean Film Blogathons ;D

But this post isn’t about us. It’s about the awesome posts that came about. After all, bloggers are passionate people and all of them have something to say. Though we may not have commented, we read and took notes. After all, we have much left to see and learn.

First, we wouldn’t be able to know where to start if it weren’t for all the awesome people who put together their Top10 of Korean Films:

Of course! It’s not only about Top10 lists. We also read a lot of of articles talking about what people like about Korean Cinema, as well as observations in different cultures, why there seems to be a decline in K-Film interest, K-drama, and even the difference in going to the cinema in Korea!

We have listed some of these posts in a somewhat orderly way:

Yup, so that’s our wrap up on Korean Cinema.

What we’ve learned besides realizing we still have far to go in terms of Korean film knowledge? Well, despite a possible decline in quality of Korean films, they still manage to surprise us more than many other industries — including Hollywood, who are planning their own string of K-horror remakes and debuting Korean filmmakers in English-speaking films.

We’ve also learned how to survive in a K-Drama World.

And that dried squid is a perfectly normal snack at the theater.

After this week, what have you guys learned about Korean Cinema?

2 Responses

  1. julili says:

    I’ve learned that the dude that wrote the “tales from a K-drama widower” is so damn funny!
    Too bad you can’t comment on their site! (T ^ T)

    It was also fun to see all the reviews for “late autumn” it got very remixes reviews!

    Looking forward for the next blogathon! Maybe we should start our own one? (^ー^)ノ

  2. ghost says:

    I really really liked the Kdrama Survival Guide and the Kdrama Widower. It’s just too familiar.

    I learned that there’s not enough time in a month to keep up with all the awesome films that come out around the world, and that if the worldwide film industry really wants us to make it work, they should give us the chance to watch their films. Hint: Free-region web streaming.

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