Julyssa and Amy LOVE: Sunny

Julyssa: I want more movies like Sunny, the feel-good ones with loads of chispa [spark]!
Amy: hahaha – not all movies are blockbuster gold.
Julyssa: loads of happiness and great music!
Amy: I’m really happy Sunny was such a hit in Korea, though. Considering their record, Koreans have good taste in film :)
Julyssa: ah! here is the quote I was talking about: “People like good songs, but it’s the raw emotion that tugs their hearts”(quote courtesy of dramabeans.com). I guess the same thing applies to movies. I think Korea in general do great movies, even the bad ones are pretty great *stares at You’re My Pet*
Amy: I haven’t seen that one, half because I’m not interested. Are you sure is not your Korean bias?
Julyssa: with You’re My pet? no dude that movie sucked balls but it was still pretty to look at
Amy: I like the fact that Korea can make Oldboy, My Sassy Girl and Sunny all box office hits xD
Julyssa: I think that Koreans tend to go to see movies that are Korean despite them getting good reviews or not, like the go to support and if it’s good, then it spreads and more ppl go
Amy: but not all Korean films are hits, though
Julyssa: I know
Amy: that’s what I mean…
Julyssa: I guess we should ask a Korean person. Let’s mail the director of Sunny and ask!
Amy: hahaha now that I’m going to Seoul, I’m like “what if I see x cast member of Sunny?” O_O lol


At the moment, Amy is in Taiwan, she shall be in Seoul in a weeks time. Hopefully she will meet the cast of Sunny? We shall see.

Part of the 2012 Korean Film Blogathon

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