Julyssa and Amy LOVE: Sunny

YAM editors, Julyssa and Amy, sat down one evening to try to discuss their love for the Korean movie Sunny. They tried to bring up some elements they enjoyed, but in the end they just ended up rambling about it. Seems like the reason they love the movie so much will still be a mystery.

Amy: Ok, are you ready? For your Sunny interview haha
Julyssa: Yes, but why am I getting interviewed? :P
Amy: The interview goes both ways xD if you have any questions then you ask me. Ok, so let’s start this…
Julyssa: Alright!
Amy: I know we both LOVED Sunny, but why do you think we do?
Julyssa: because we are easily swayed by emotions
lol no
because we both love strong characters and Sunny had loads of that and it has lots of heart. I read somewhere that any one can make a great thing, but it’s the raw emotion that wins people over. I think that’s what made us love Sunny.

Amy: Did you read Juan‘s immediate thoughts on Sunny? He wasn’t as in love with it as we thought he would – do you think it’s a girl thing or a Korean thing that got to us?
Julyssa: wait what? He said that? I must have missed it, where did he post it? I do believe that we are a bit biased towards some Asian media but we also are picky about the stuff we like, you more than me. I am more easily pursued because I am a very emotional person. But there is something about Sunny, yes, the female aspect of it feels closer to home but it was the combination of the acting, the music, the story – it was a ball of love
Amy: (I don’t how to link to a tweet any longer) ” it was interesting and ridiculous but I can’t say it was as great as you two make it out to be lol”
Julyssa: I have a question for you, I was immediately in love with Sunny from the trailer. But I don’t think you were the same. So how did you feel when you saw Sunny for the first time? Also, Juan needs a new heart….
Amy: The first time I saw Sunny I felt it was a definitely entertaining film – I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing, but my mind was open to anything. As you know from the review, I did think the ending was a little too perfect, but after watching the film, there was an urge of watching it again…. and again… and again.

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