Future Shorts Stockholm 2011-2012

YAM Magazine and Sveriges Film- och Videoförbund got together on Monday evening at Fylkingen, Münchenbryggeriet to host the very first Future Shorts Film Festival in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Picture by: Sveriges Film- och Videförbund

The evening began with a short introduction about what the Future Shorts Film Festival is and the short movies being showcased. After screening the three first shorts, there was a small reception in which the guests were served hot beverages. It was then that the buzz started, as the guests started to ask about the movies and asked what Future Shorts is all about. Many signed up for a mailing list because they wanted to know more and also wanted to be invited to future screenings.

In all, a very successful evening. Applause was given after each short and at the end of the entire show. All the guests were very happy and grateful for the opportunity to attend the screening. Seems like Future Shorts has a new home in Stockholm.

For more pictures of the evening, visit Sveriges Film- och Videförbund Facebook page.

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