Diandra: A Life in Movies

2001: Millennium Actress

A gorgeous work of art whose fantasies are justified by the protagonist’s final realization.

2002: 28 Days Later

The first movie that led me to watch the special features on the DVD!

2003: The Return of the King


2004: Shaun of the Dead

I took a random walk on a neighborhood’s special promotion day, and ended up with tickets to a free screening to a funny-looking zombie movie.

2005: Syriana

It’s strange that I like this movie so much, because I’m usually averse to heavy-handed political movies coupled with the intertwining storylines gimmick. Yet I found myself wandering back to the TV when my family started watching the movie after I did. My favorites in the film are the characters played by Alexander Siddig El-Fadil (whom I liked back in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine days) and Jeffrey Wright.

Diandra Rodriguez

Proudly Latinasian NorCal American.

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