Diandra: A Life in Movies

1991: An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West

Shaped my image of the mythical West for years to come. I can easily recall Jimmy Stewart as Wiley Burp: “One man’s sunset is another man’s dawn.” Here’s a blast of nostalgia for you:

1992: Noises Off

As a kid, I hurt my stomach laughing during this movie, even though the first time I watched it was when I caught the second half on TV one day. An exemplar of comic timing.

1993: Dead Alive (aka. Braindead)

I KICK ASS IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!” Gives the word “ridiculous” a good name. Watch out for the lawn gnome and don’t trip on all the splattered blood!

1994: The Lion King

My favorite movie before I watched Star Wars. The soundtrack cassette was on constant replay in the car.

Diandra Rodriguez

Proudly Latinasian NorCal American.

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