Creative Melancholic’s Top10 2010 Posters – Part 2

1. Kick-Ass

I love this movie! It’s funny, it’s action packed, it’s brutal, and it kicks major butt! But I must say, the characters really pulled me towards it, as well as the big ass typeface that went in-yo-face!

The above teasers somehow spoke to me. They are that awesome.

Well that’s it. My Top 10 picks for 2010! But I’m not done yet. Here’s a little bonus, that I’ve been itching to include in the list.

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  1. Amy says:

    I really dig Mondrian's grid, but I feel it doesn't fit the "dramatic" tones of the movie. I really think the textures gave it that little umph~

    I was also conflicted with The Social Network – I mean, as a film announcement I went "what?" and the poster didn't sell the idea to me.

    The Inception posters are awesome, especially the teaser poster. And I really liked the Kick-Ass campaign, especially the one with Hit Girl in her "Rosie Riveter We Can Do It" pose.

    But what really did it for me was Buried. I literally hate HATE Ryan Reynolds xD Can't stand him, but the promotional campaign for Buried got me going. Those posters (and the motion one too), they were just killer.

    I really wanna make a list now xD without including the ones you listed xD

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