Como en El Cine: Press Screening Interviews


What made you choose this project that differs from the previous movie you appeared in? NN: Sin Identidad…

Manuel Gold: Oh, yeah. Why? Because of Gonzalo, Gonzalo Ladines. He’s my friend. 7 years ago, we worked together for the first time on a short. We also did Los Cinéfilos together, and when he told me that he was interested in me starring on this movie, I told him without thinking about it, without even reading the script yet: “Count with me, I will be there.

And as you read the script, after accepting…

MG: No, well… I confirmed my initial assessment. I loved the script, right? I trusted that was going to happen was going to be very good. The cast was also very good, we’re all friends, we get along very well. It all was pretty cool.

Pietro Sibille was the funniest…

MG: Pietro Sibille.

[Manuel points at Sibille, who is behind us being interviewed by another outlet]

Nothing more and nothing less than Pietro Sibille. I had a fighting scene with him.

How legitimate was that scene?

MG: Nope, we had to choreograph it. We had a choreography rehearsal with Marbe Marticorena, who told us: “Okay, the punch reaches here, but don’t really hit him. At the moment he pushes you, you have to fall like this.” It was complicated.

Later, at the time of recording… well… the funny thing was that we had rehearsed on a room with a carpet; and when we arrive to record, it was on a streets full of potholes, with rocks, everything. So it was another thing. We had to do several takes, you just don’t do only one. We had to do like ten takes, we had to repeat the fight like ten times.

Thankfully, no one got hurt, everything went well.

That’s good.

MG: Only during rehearsals Pietro tore my pants, made a hole on my jean, and Pietro yanked me, but that was on the rehearsal. But outside, everything went well. No one got hurt.

What do you think about the experience of how it reflects on your working experience as an actor? And how does the movie reflects it?

MG: Well, it reflects upon what happens to many people, right? Putting aside the idea of making a movie or studying communications, or studying to become a filmmaker, it reflects upon what happens to many people: everyone has the dream of doing something that they don’t do. So… I don’t know if you understand what I mean…


MG: You have that frustrated dream of… “damn, I would have loved to be a singer once,” or “I would have loved parachuting off a plane once…” or “I would have loved to… eh… own a pet shelter.” I don’t know, anything! And by chance, we take another path, other responsibilities, or we’re afraid to do it, and we don’t make it happen. What the movie does is show the protagonist -played by myself- launching himself to accomplish his dream.

That is an interesting perspective. Thanks a lot for your time.

MG: You too.


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