Como en El Cine: Press Screening Interviews


What opinions do you have about your character, Dani?

Gisela Ponce de León: What opinion? In reality, I’m very happy to be part of this movie, that I was given this character that I feel is different from me, and to be hanging out with such a cool cast. I think it’ll do fine, it looks like a beautiful, cute and fun story, and it shouldn’t be able to fail at all. And the cast is so talented, so I’m pretty enthusiastic for this to premiere now.

How accesible do you see this movie for the audience?

GPdL: I believe it’s an easy story to swallow. Also, it’s a story that is close to us — yes, they’re a group of guys that want to do cinema, and that’s not something we’re doing every day. They fall in love, they stop falling in love, things overlap with their jobs, they don’t have money for their projects- That’s something most Peruvians can identify themselves with. Also, the interaction between the guys as friends… I believe that everybody will identify themselves. And if they don’t, they will want to be friends with these people. That is good.

Thanks for your time, Gisela.

GPdL: Thank you.


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