Como en El Cine: Press Screening Interviews


Congratulations on your directorial debut.

Gonzalo Ladines: Ok, thanks.

I know that it’s a comedy, but it’s also about film production.

GL: A-ha. Yes, of course.

How do you see it from the perspective of making a movie in Peru? That this reflects to a certain extent in your movie.

GL: Well, yeah, I wanted to play a bit with it, right? How hard it is to make a film; in this case, a short film…


GL: An independent short film. Yes, effectively. Well, to me all short films are independent films. We still don’t have an industry here, so to me all [films] are independent. But yes, it’s a low-budget short with few resources. It’s something that I lived along with Manuel, too. It reflects a bit on what we do as filmmakers, trying all resources, calling your friends whenever, saying “Hey, I got this. Can you help me?” All of that.

That camaraderie spirit between passionate friends, right?

That was noticeable in the movie, the friendship between the protagonists, and also Dani, to a certain extent. Not many characters (in Peru) are LGBT, she’s one of them.

GL: Pardon?

The Dani character, played by Gisela Ponce de León, is a lesbian. That’s not very frequent in mainstream Peruvian cinema.

GL: Eh, well, yeah. It might be that… no, there’s the characters by Sofía Rocha and Gianella Neyra in…

A Los 40, which was the closest…

GL: I don’t know, I didn’t think about it. When I wrote it, I wasn’t thinking about “writing about a lesbian because people will talk about it,” nope, not at all. I wrote it becuase I also have lesbian friends, my friends that I love a lot. But to me it’s something common, to Nico and his friends it’s something common. I believe it reflects a generation in which we don’t make a big deal about these things.

Of course. It’s simply her identity and it’s something normal.

GL: Exactly. To them, she’s their school friend. Well, and she simply likes women, just like him [Nico]. On the contrary, better: they can talk about women. *laughs*

Thanks, it was a pleasure to meet you.

GL: Same.


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