Camiele: A Life in Movies

…and this time, NO TIES! — but perhaps the slightest bit of cheating… WHOOPS!

1985/1986: The Last Dragon

Okay, so techinically this movie came out in 1985. BUT IT’S MY ABSOLUTE ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!! Plus it’s the first movie I ever saw. And, anyway, in South Korea 1985 would by my official birth year. So… yeah, it counts! Sho’nuf!

1987: La Bamba

I don’t particularly remember much about 1987, you know, being one years old and whatnot. But I do remember this film, the first time I saw Lou Diamond Phillips on screen. Also one of the first dudes I had a hardcore crush on. All I remember was the pain of hearing about a family memeber dying over the radio. And maybe I didn’t realize it then, but I certainly know now that “celebrities” are human beings with families, and much of the time families learn about their loved ones’ deaths over the radio or on the TV. Yeah… I cried a little later when I saw this film again.

1988: Coming to America
This is truly the funniest movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Everything about it is hilarious. But beyond the absolute madness of it, the film is just stunning in landscape, music, and basic story line. A true gem of a film. (But what else do you expect from the likes of John Landis and Eddie Murphy?)

1989: Lean on Me

It’s truly one of the most incredible films about someone going in to a school to attempt to fix the problems. It’s also one of the first that I can remember that showed a strong Black man going into a school (once an elite high school, mind you) to turn it around. Morgan Freeman pretty much cemented himself as one of the single most important actors of all time with this film, and he deserves all the respect in the world. But what will ALWAYS stick with me in this film is the recreation of the school’s alma mater!

1990: Paris Is Burning

I won’t say much about this, as I’ve written a review for it that can do a better job than I could now. I’ll just say it definitely changed my life when I first saw it.


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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