Brandon’s Top5 Zombie Movies

by Brandon Engel

There was a period of time when zombie movies were actually frightening to people. The whole zombie craze has become such a pop cultural phenomenon unto itself, however, that most modern ones do little more than poke fun at the tropes of them. You know, movies like Warm Bodies, Zombieland, Life After Beth… there are probably four or five movies of this ilk in production as this article is being written.

What was once a viable vehicle for both cheap scares and heavy-handed social commentary has turned into a blackhole of self-referential jokes… but that’s an issue for another nerd to lament. This blogger is an optimist, and I say, why fixate on all the zombie garbage that has come out in recent years, when so many good zombie films have been made over the course of the past 96 years?

Here’s a look at the top five zombie films of all time.

5. Sugar Hill (1974)

Director: Robert Maslansky

A memorable blaxploitation horror film from API (the same production company responsible for Blacula), the film features Marki Bey as Sugar Hill, who recruits a voodoo priestess to avenge the death of her slain lover. The priestess contacts Baron Samedi [1], the Voodoo Loa who serves as a median between the realms of the living and the realms of the dead, resurrecting an army of zombified guinea slaves to do Sugar’s bidding. The film invokes African Diaspora and Voodoo mythology in a more compelling fashion than in any zombie film that had been made previously.

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