Amy’s Ten Highlights of 2010 Movie Posters

When I asked Amy at Creative Melancholic to pick her favorite movie posters of 2010, I didn’t know I was going to get in the mood to pick some of my own. However, instead of repeating some of CM’s picks like those GORGEOUS posters for Buried, which got me all riled up for the film despite my aversion to Reynolds as an actor, I’m choosing posters of mostly films that didn’t get seen that much — not even seen by me.

Funny enough, many of them turned out to be documentaries.

I guess not many people watch documentaries…

10. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Regardless of my thoughts on Michael Cera and Scott Pilgrim as a character, I did enjoyed Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for its amazing visual style and the use of video game-like interface visuals. The main poster for the film by Ignition Print isn’t that much, but these other alternate (non-official?) posters are really good. Especially that retro comic-like illustrated one.

Plus, “An epic of epic epicness.” That’s an amazing tagline xD


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  1. Joelburman says:

    I like the one for the athlete!

    • Amy says:

      I love those too, it's so rare that a docu gets to do a set of posters! Mainly because the producers go on and tell you they don't have a budget. I wonder if the designers did all those posters for the price of one poster… or if they had a complete budget they could use for them…

      Definitely wanna catch a copy of Athlete and Prince of Broadway.

  2. I liked some of the unused UK poster ideas for I AM LOVE. Especially the last one:

    • Amy says:

      Love that one too… but they strike me more as wallpaper formats instead of posters. Whatever I could think of I Am Love, it had beautiful shots, and lovely soundtrack xD going with all that melodrama.

      • Do you mean the literal shape of the posters? That's standard in the UK.

        I really liked I AM LOVE. I think if I saw it again it could make my Top 10. Maybe I should sit down and watch it one more time just for that reason. I don't know though. I"m kind of tired of thinking about my Top 10. I should just do it and get it over with.

        • Amy says:

          Oh, really? wasn't aware that posters in the UK were that format.

          I've been postponing my Top10 too… I keep thinking I'm missing films xD but no way I'm going to watch all that I'm missing in these two days… I feel like I've seen too many not-so-good films this year. xD

          • Yes, I don't know if all posters in the UK are "quads" like that, but it is pretty routine.

            I finally just gave in and hammered out my top 10. There are many movies I missed, but whatever. You can't see everything. 160 movies is a relatively good sample I think.

            I'll probably post it tomorrow being the 31st and all.

  3. cynthia says:

    Great selection! I really love number 1, 2, 5 and 7. Gorgeous list.

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