Fangirl Chatroom: Is Sherlock Gay?

Mirella: Weeee!
Julyssa: Mirellalalalalalalalala
Mirella: Here I am!
Julyssa: So shall we get started with our chat?
Mirella: Right on! Shall we start as how we started with Sherlock, or you prefer to talk about how gay it seems right now? :P
Julyssa: You mean to say “how the hell you turned me in to a Sherlock fangirl and brainwashed me“? :P Naw, let’s get down to the dirty business: is BBC Sherlock gay or not?

Mirella: According to word-of-god, it is meant to be running joke…
Julyssa: Yet the fangirls are eating it up!
Mirella: But when EVERYONE on the show commenting on how Sherlock and John are so a couple… jeez
Julyssa: I mean, I can see a connection between them, but it’s not like I think they are romantically involved. There’s something deep there, but I believe it to be two lonely souls finding an interesting friendship.
Mirella: Irene Adler (the actual LGBT character) is so sure they are a couple :P

Julyssa: Irene is gay? Like really? I mean, isn’t’ she hot for Sherry?
Mirella: She said she was a lesbian, which was something some people were angry about…
Julyssa: She did? I think I was too busy trying not to chew through my pillow during that episode. That is one of my fav episodes!!! Guuh Why were people angry about that?
Mirella: They were all angry at Moffat for implying “all a gay woman needs is the right man” or whatever…. but others were all “nay! what it means is that human sexuality is fluid
Julyssa: Interesting
Mirella:And here we have a straight man and a gay woman attracted to this guy

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  1. Hana Black says:

    XDDDDDD This made me laugh. You two are funny. =P

    About the topic. I think Sherlock is asexual… But he can help.falling in love with John. Homoromantic quite possibly. He never thought find someone like John so when he found him was a earthquake in his world.

    In John‘s case… Well, yes, he’s heterosexual. Welp, maybe put these labels on them is absurd, ‘cause finnally you can’t say “love him/her“. And I think that’s what they experimented. They just know that they can’t be separated frorm the other, THEY CAN’T. It would be terrible if something like tha happens.

    That’s what I think. XD

    • mirella says:

      @Hana Black, So you agree with me XD And that’s what I cannot wait for Series 3 to begin! I want to know what the time appart did to then. And I totally want John to punch Sherlock… and the hug him.

      • Hana Black says:

        @mirella, Yes. I agree. And I want to see series 3 so badly! I’m not patient, at all. Heck yeah, punch and hug. Wanna see what says Sherlock to him. Wanna see how even after that they still fit together naturally. God, love ‘em.

      • Julyssa Diaz says:

        @mirella, and then kiss him? Oh hohohoho

    • Julyssa Diaz says:

      @Hana Black, Me and Mirella are so silly *nods*

      I don’t think that Sherry is so in love with John, more that he really cares for him because he is kind of his first friend.

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