Editor’s Chatroom: Crowdfunding

Julyssa: I just surfed over Kickstarter, and besides there being so many projects, people are really giving money away. A lot of money.
Amy: Yeah, I think on the front page there’s over 1million dollars pledged.
Julyssa: I find it funny that there’s all this talk about piracy, people downloading illegally, yet here you have one site of several (not sure how many there are out there) and people are giving money to create content. I wonder if this is a positive trend that will keep on going, or if people will get tired of it. Seems like people more than anything do support what they love.

Amy: I really have no idea how much piracy affects them, considering the people that just consume pirated goods wouldn’t have bought your product anyway… Then again, piracy is subject for another talk haha.
Julyssa: Ugh, do I have much to talk about that…
Amy: Here’s a question for you~Do you think people could fund their projects without crowdsourcing websites?
Julyssa: I think that the good thing about crowdsourcing sites is that you get some form of security, that you know, the project is legit and that you aren’t being scammed. Anyone can easily create a great website and ask for money, but how will you know that your money is being used for the project? I think that a middle man is quite useful.
Amy: But one kind of knows… right? Scammers aren’t being too creative nowadays except for Kenyan princes and such. But… isn’t it the same with Kickstarter? I’m actually at a loss there, since I’ve never started a campaign…
Julyssa: Should we do something? Something related to YAM? How about let people fund a trip for us to meet Bibi? :P
Amy: LOL, I have no idea what we could do in YAM in a crowdsourcing project…
Julyssa: hmmm…. something related to writing of course!
Amy: Hahaha, I’m gonna go the Neverending Story way here and say “But that’s another story and shall be told another time.” xD
Julyssa: How about we publish a book!
Amy: Crowdsourcing mostly works with a physical product, I think. We are at that awkward stage of being digital… I still wonder, though, it all sounds great on paper… but do final products deliver?
Julyssa: That is a good question
Amy: I think we’ve reached our crowdsourcing limit haha
Julyssa: Yeah, I think we need to ask people that have done it before, both the ones asking for money and the one that have given money. I want to encourage everybody reading this to leave us a comment and tell us about their experiences! 
Amy: Yes! Share all your stories and we will see you next week! What should we talk about then Julz?
Julyssa: No idea… I have so much to talk about. Should we do a poll and let people decide?
Amy: Maybe we should do that! But anyways, until next week! Adios!
Julyssa: Hej då!

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  1. amy says:

    How’s this for creative crowdsourcing: http://youtu.be/Ew4Y5HLyT6c xD

  2. amy says:

    Amanda Palmer has a bit of insight on this Crowdfuncing business:

    “so, are you loaded?”


    well, you tell me. depends on your definition of “loaded.”

    let’s say this kickstarter hits a million dollars in pledges by may 31st.

    TRULY? first i’ll run naked through the streets, yelling hallelujah.
    because this WORKED.

    but financially, realistically?
    first i’ll pay off the lovely debt – stacks of bills and loans and the like – associated with readying all of the stuff that had to happen BEFORE i brought this project to kickstarter.”

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