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I met Eden Baylee on Twitter almost two years now. She is always so pleasant to talk to, and I felt I could ask her anything about writing. I loved how passionate she was about erotica, writing and reading. I can honestly say that Eden is the sole reason why I’m back reading erotica. She brings back the romance in sex scenes, using her words as beautiful illustration, without making everything seem like a rushed porno.

I had the privilege of winning her first book Fall Into Winter. It is written in four stories, all of which I read in one go. She is able to draw you into simple worlds with characters that seem like everyday people. The scenes are memorable, the scenes are very well scripted. This is my first interview with her, but I wanted to bring something fresh as if I had never talked to her before. I had such a fun time thinking up questions to ask her. I love making her laugh, and this interview has been my second favorite to give. I love how she is willing to talk about how she grew up and where she has come from. I hope you love Eden Baylee as much as I do.

You have written two erotica books. Is there more coming?

Yes! I actually just published my third book Hot Flash. It’s a book of erotic short stories and poems, with two non-erotic stories for the holidays too. Though I will continue to write with erotic elements in my stories, I’m working on a full-length novel due out next year. It will be a mix of John Fowles/Charles Bukowski/Haruki Murakami and a dash of Pauline Réage thrown in for good measure.

Have you done any book signings?

Yes, I just did my third book signing, and it was a lovely event. I sold books, gave prizes, and chatted with friends and readers.

I also did a reading from Spring into Summer.

Where is your most popular place to write?

I change it up. Sometimes I write at the dining table with books and other necessities around me. Other times, I write while standing up at the kitchen counter.

How do you plot?

This is a difficult question for me because I never deconstruct my writing. I have a vague idea for a story and I just GO! The most important thing I do to steep myself in the discipline of writing is to write everyday. In doing that, characters, plot, and all the essentials for a story develop from day-to-day life.  To be inspired to write, you need to do things other than write.

What is the book you enjoyed the most?

I have a copy of Steven Marty Grant’s poetry collection by my bed. It’s called Another Hotel Room, and it’s inspired my own writing in so many ways. I even read from it at my own book signing. He’s an amazing author and has changed the way I think about poetry.

What do you need close to you while writing?

A cup of tea, notepad, pens, highlighters, vibrator, lip balm, and hand cream.

Besides writing, what do you do to fill your time?

My favorite thing to do is spend time with people I care about – dinner, drinks, conversation, trips. I write full-time and no longer have co-workers in the traditional sense, so many of my friends are also virtual, and I’ve had the pleasure to meet some of them.

Is there more for readers to do to support their favorite writers?

Readers support writers by buying their books. Without readership, it’s difficult to continue writing, so I’m grateful for each person who puts down his or her hard-earned money on my books.

Receiving reviews is appreciated, but ultimately, readers (who are not authors) read for pleasure. It’s not their job to “promote” the author unless they want to.

I’m thrilled for feedback about my books whether it’s from a review, an email, or a comment via social media.

What makes you laugh?

I love to laugh so I find humor in many things. I can be amused by a Monty Python skit, dry English humor, and even bad toilet humor. Few things offend me.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Not a favorite, but I do like: “Life is series of short stories pretending to be a novel.” I’ve never found out who said this.

What is your favorite animal… from a Disney movie?

Hahaha! Goofy of course!

Lastly, where is the best place for us to get to know you? Shower us with links Eden!!

Hehe! You’re hilarious, Nicole! OK, here goes:




Twitter @edenbaylee





Author page on

Author page on Amazon.UK


Eden Baylee writes literary erotica and erotic romance. Her stories are both sensual and sexual, incorporating some of her favorite things such as travel, culture, and a deep curiosity for what turns people on. Spring into Summer is her second collection of erotic novellas and the companion piece to her first book, Fall into Winter.

Her latest book is a collection of erotic flash fiction and poetry called Hot Flash.

Nicole Williams

A writer at heart and a all around book nerd. I read everything and anything to educate myself. I have my likes and dislikes but those would never occur if I never branched out and read something different. I would like others to go out on a limb with me and look into differences. I'm loud, half black/Italian. I live with a very weird family. I love my nephew to death. I work too much, think too much and talk too much. I have bad grammar which needs your forgiveness. I'm a gamer, anime convention go-er, and sometimes trouble maker to my best friend.

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  1. eden baylee says:

    Nicole, love this site. Thanks so much for introducing me to it and posting my interview here. Your questions were fun and fresh, and I had a great time answering them.

    It’s always wonderful to connect with a young woman who is bright and energetic. You inspire me in my writing with your thoughtfulness.

    Thank you,

    • Nicole Williams says:

      @eden baylee, Thank you so much for giving amazing answers. I smiled and laughed when reading through. I’m so happy this turned out well. Thank you so so much again and again. I have gotten big hits on twitter with the retweets. I’m so happy today. Thank you Eden.

  2. John Dolan says:

    Nice interview – good to discover YAM Magazine. I’m sure I’ll be popping back!

    I met Eden on Twitter and she is a wonderfully talented lady. Yup, I’m a fan.

    • eden baylee says:

      John, you’re a sweetheart. Thank you for commenting on Nicole’s interview, and this great site!

    • Nicole Williams says:

      @John Dolan, Pop by Yam anytime. We love when we are noticed from new people. Please come by often. I look forward to seeing your name around comments. Thank you again. :)

  3. Efrain Nadal says:

    Very nice interview, interesting question and interesting answer also. And I laugh with the think that Eden need for her writing.

  4. Love seeing one of my favorite authors featured here. Eden rocks, you rock, we all rock for…

    yea, I don’t know.

    Great interview, tho.


    • eden baylee says:

      @RachelintheOC, hahah!
      There’s no one who rocks HARDER than YOU! Thanks so much for commenting on @yammag’s fab site.


    • Nicole Williams says:

      @RachelintheOC, Thank you so much for the comment on my post. This has been the most I’ve had on any book review I’ve done. You are so amazing. THANK YOU ^_^

  5. Tim Dittmer says:

    Great interview of a fine and gracious lady.

  6. John Beadle says:

    Fantastic interview from one of my favourite authors… keep the heat up eden!

  7. Lance says:

    I like learning you’re a pens person. I’m a number two pencil person.

    Congratulations on your 3 books, Eden. I’m so proud to know you.

    • eden baylee says:

      Woohoo Lance! Great to see you here. I love pens, must have a dozen in my purse, and highlighters — love those too, oh, and Post-it notes. Now, I really sound old school.

      Great to know you too, and can’t wait for your book to release, hurry up!

  8. Dannie Hill says:

    Nicole. What a great site! Eden, my dear lady. I love all your interviews and this is one of your best. The truth in your words about readers touches every writer. I love those boots!

    • eden baylee says:

      Dannie, thanks always for your support, and commenting on my boots! Unfortunately, I had to retire those after scuffing them up, but of course, I bought another pair!

  9. William Kendall says:

    Splendid interview, Eden and Nicole!

    I got a kick out of the items close at hand when writing, Eden!

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