ACIEPA Can Dream High: Developing Asian-Peruvian Relations

DBSK, HoMin, JYJ, other groups and fandom

We support DBSK, all five of them. However, we also respect the work that JYJ has had to go through to get their name out there. We are all attending the JYJ concert in Lima, we have our tickets already. Even some of our younger family members, they’ve all been accustomed to watching anime on television and are growing up while listening to Kpop, so they’re also attending the concert.

Through Dream High, we also began appreciating other groups more — like 2PM. Not long ago, they were the group that danced and then they tore their shirts off, that was their thing. Rap, dancing, breakdancing — but then we saw Taecyeon on the show and kinda fell in love with him.

Active Kpop  fandom and Jpop musings

Seeing a Kpop event is becoming a little more common. Unlike the Jpop fandom, it seems the Kpop community is more active in getting people to like Korean pop music and culture, because they want it to reach the mainstream.

It’s also easier to get into Kpop because it has so much more Western influences — like having a Michael Jackson step here and there.

We still keep track of all the Johnny groups like Arashi, KAT-TUN, NEWS or SMAP, but we also follow Ayumi Hamasaki and Ayaka. But it seems fandom in Japanese music seems a lot more prone to not like one another between Jpop groups or Jrockers. As if you wouldn’t like one group if you like the other.

It happens in Kpop, but it has more to do with the hardcore fans that all fandoms have. In general, Kpoppers just enjoy the music be it old or new groups that are coming out. We also like groups like Kangta, Shinhwa or H.O.T — via DBSK — even with their 90’s clothing and their looks making them look like Skandalo [Peruvian group, 1].

Lady Gaga, Narsha, Brown Eyed Girls

There was a moment in time when Narsha became the Korean Lady Gaga, especially with singles like Bbi Ri Bba Bba (삐리빠빠), and we love Brown Eyed Girls. They might be older than regular idol groups, but they’re still “Mamis.


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  1. Camiele says:

    I don’t know why, but I felt myself getting really excited reading this article. Just the energy, positivity, and enthusiasm that the Latin American fans show is incredible. I think the most beautiful aspect of it is the idea that we’re all a community, we all love the music, we should support the artists and each other as much as we can.

    It’s a beautiful thing, something that I don’t think I see very often here in the States. These girls also seem like a lot of fun. I don’t know, I’m just excited for Peru and all of Latin America because of this opportunity to come closer to another culture. It’s commendable, really, that Peru is so interested in embracing different cultures. Again, not something that I see very much of in the States — especially lately. It’s a beautiful thing!

    • amy says:

      @Camiele, Peru is known for its mixed of cultures… you maybe can’t see it in the (pop rock) music they make which is largely influenced by American music lately, but Peruvian music has different influences like African rhythms and, of course, Andean with Spanish influences. You can see it in their food too.

      For example, to me – it’s never been an issue to not understand a song. I grew up with music in English that I didn’t speak, so not understanding Mandarin, Japanese or Korean is a non-issue for me.

      I guess it’s a lot like that for a lot of people, especially the ones that got into Anime and Jpop early on in the 90s. I’m bringing this up because of that Kids React to KPop hahaha I hated when the girl had a WTF face saying “WHAT ARE THEY SAYINGGGG”.

      I’m working with Green Tea Graffiti on a series of posts about being a Banana. xD You should look forward to it. Ha!

      • Camiele says:

        @amy, HaHa. The very last thing you said sounded like you were writing this after taking drugs…is all I’m saying…HaHa. What exactly do you mean, “about being a Banana”?! O.o

  2. ghost says:

    You should ask them now if they’re watching Dream High 2, and what they thing of Kang Sora.

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