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Claun sketches of dark comedy dressed in multicolored attire with clown noses accompany Wendy and Machín in their newlywed adventures with three ghosts and a baby.


Perfect Girl Evolution

Also known as Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (ヤマトナデシコ七変化), it’s a comedy lasting 10 episodes based on the manga of the same name. A funny drama that does not make sense at all.


Personal Affairs

Personal Affairs is a BBC 5-episode series that chronicles the office life of four personal assistants and the mysterious disappearance of one of them.


Ping Pong: The Animation

Taiyou Matsumoto’s Ping Pong manga series is taken off the pages by none other than the soaring mind of animator Masaaki Yuasa in this dynamic hard-hitting 11-episode series of two high school friends and their love for table tennis.


Pushing Daisies

Part fairytale romance, part quirky crime mystery solving, part snarky comedy food-loving musical and more; Pushing Daisies achieved a stroke of genius uniqueness that is hardly ever going to show up on television again.


Quartet (Jdrama)

Four people meet to form a mediocre string quartet, revealing along their journey their stories, their weaknesses, and their ultimate unremarkable purpose in life: Make music that they enjoy.


Raising Hope – Season 1

Jimmy is looking for his purpose in life, so he knocks up a serial killer, ending up with a new baby, Hope, to raise with his inadequate parents and his senile grand Maw Maw.


Rani (2011)

Convicted of treason! Sentenced to beheading! Sold to a brothel! Lost and amnesia-stricken abroad! Can the smart, stubborn Jolanne survive?


Ray Donovan – Season 1

Ray Donovan is a “fixer” who works for the powerful law firm Goldman & Drexler that represents the rich and famous and solves all kinds of problems no matter how messy they are.


Revenants, Les – Season 1

Described as “a French Twin Peaks”, “a LOST-like mystery”, and “the anti-Walking Dead”, this restrained take on zombie drama asks: When the dead rise, what will they want from us?