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After fans waited a year, EXO releases their first full-length album to a great deal of expectation. They deliver simple pop that’s decent but underwhelming.


Expendables 2, The (2012)

All in all, The Expendables 2 is an entertaining movie that will at the very least make you chuckle, provided you leave your brain at the door.


F Word (Film), The

In this Canadian take on the indie rom-com at the hands of Dowse, The F Word (or in its more US-friendly title: What If), we get Kazan opposite Daniel Radcliffe as the quintessential quirky oddballs bantering about Elvis, poop and the Fool’s Gold Loaf.

F.T. Island – Return 2

F.T. Island – Return

After topping the Oricon Daily Chart with their major Japanese debut, the not “really” rockers but not “quite sweet” idols F.T. Island are back with their newest mini-album Return.


f(x) – Nu Abo

The very cooky and extremely dressed SM quintet release their first mini-album since their debut, Nu Abo, serving you very sweet and very happy Kpop, even though the title track is very powerful and just a tad different without being weird.


f(x) – Pinocchio

Korean girlgroup f(x) have now released their first full-length album. Pinocchio (The 1st Album) doesn’t really say who f(x) are as artists, it’s an album filled with a whole lot of musical styles.