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S.M. The Ballad – Miss You

S.M. Entertainment gathered some of the best voices they have to create a sub-unit intent on making girls fall in love — and open up their wallets. Think Boyz II Men in Korean.

Rockcatz – Benjamin 1

Rockcatz – Benjamin

I finally took the bait and gave it a listen to review it for our dear YAM readers. For the first few songs, the sugery sweet sounds of the lead vocalist completely turned me off.


Robyn – Robyn

A tongue-in-cheek self-titled album that’s equal parts unabashed bravado and fearless vulnerability.


Rihanna – Loud

The Rihanna vs. Chris Brown ordeal is over and done with. Take a look at Loud, she’s clearly done with the angry and moved on to the party.


Red Hot + Bach

How well have the tracks in the compilation album Red Hot + Bach fared in ‘contemporarilizing’ this leading Baroque composer’s music? Read on as Adrienne shares a piece of her mind with you.