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CNBLUE – Thank U 0

CNBLUE – Thank U

CNBLUE’s Thank U is one of those albums that isn’t outstanding without failing, but from the get-go will be fun to listen to.


CNBLUE – Bluelove

The instrument self-playing quartet CN BLUE are back with a mini-album that is a bit more rock, a bit more swing and a bit more sunshine.


Chris Lee – The Dancing Artist

Chris Lee’s (李宇春) fourth studio album The Dancing Artist (会跳舞的文艺青年) captures the concept of simplicity and maintains it throughout the whole album in an effective way.


Chris Lee – Old If Not Wild

You can call it anyway you want, the truth seems to be that Chris Lee sings like only Chris Lee can. Her latest album Old If Not Wild (再不瘋狂我們就老了) is a testament to that, even more so than The Dancing Artist was.


Chang Shilei – Niu China

Just as its name in English states, Niu China is the album to showcase what’s new in the Chinese music world. From traditional sounding Chinese ballads to chanson francophone fused with electronic, R&B, Bossa Nova, to a Tango-ish sounding track, all the way to a mind-blowing fusion of Beijing opera with strong rock/electronic sounds.


Capsule – World of Fantasy

World of Fantasy is still an improvement on last LP Player, simply because it dares to veer away from that album’s tired template of electro bangers, identical as it was to everything Capsule have made in the last five years.