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deadmau5 – 4×4=12

deadmau5 is Toronto’s king of the house music scene, his music familiar to club kids worldwide. So how does 4×4=12 stack up against the repetitive drone of recycled beats of every other mundane DJ?


DBSK – Mirotic

After over a year and a half away from their Korean fans, DBSK brings us arguably the greatest Kpop album of all time.

Cultura Profética – La Dulzura 0

Cultura Profética – La Dulzura

Cultura Profética are an iconic Reggae Roots group from Puerto Rico, known for making their own brand of Reggae, incorporating fusions with jazz, funk, ska and overall Afro-Caribbean styles of music with very smooth lyrics.


Crush – Interlude

Crush takes a break from the summer comebacks to bring us his most mature (albeit self-indulgent) piece of music to date.


Crowd Lu – Seven Days

After the success of his debut album 100 Ways for Living, which earned Lu the Golden Melody Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Composer, he’s back with Seven Days, delivering happy music with melancholic lyrics.


Combo De la Musica – Why EP

What is so amazing about Combo De La Musica? Pretty much everything: their sound, their lyrics, the energy they give on stage, the way they make you want to dance and Kristin Amaparo’s voice. Combo De La Musica is everything that is amazing about music, everything that inspires joy in music.


Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

What was supposed to be a more organic concept album turned out to be something a little more U2 meets Rihanna. Were Coldplay’s original ideas better?


Coexistence – Flow

The newly released album Flow by the French/Swedish heavy metal band Coexistence is in all a good rock album. In their songs they mix Metallica-style guitar riffs that are successfully fused with melodious parts.