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Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream 0

Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream

With his sophomore effort, Miguel seems to find a respectable balance of radio R&B and Prince-inspired poetry to create an album that’s nuanced enough to more than deserve its five Grammy nominations.


Milow – North and South

Milow’s North and South is filled with happy and mellow melodies, simple yet deep lyrics. It’s really easy to hear, to sing along to, to remember.


Misia – Soul Quest

When I close my eyes and listen to Misia’s Soul Quest I see the beauty in melancholy. But that’s only one of the many places her music can take you. This is the quest for one’s soul made into an album.



In this self-titled debut album, MISSTER is trying to showcase what they can do. As an idea, they are different in the market, but they fail to distinguish themselves creatively, sounding like any other Asian boy band.


Miyavi – What’s my Name?

After the birth of his two beautiful daughters the Neo-Japaneze Samurai Guitarist has made his comeback this year with this spiffy new album What’s My Name?, although Oresama himself would prefer to call it a re-debut album.


Monkey Majik – westview

Monkey Majik’s sixth studio album titled westview comes charged with acoustic catchy pop tunes in six full tracks in English, and the rest in funny Japanese or combining it with English.

Morning Musume – Platinum 9 0

Morning Musume – Platinum 9

I am no big fan of Morning Musume albums. They are, for the most part, filled with the released singles and some filler songs that probably were meant to be singles, but didn’t make the cut.


Muse – The 2nd Law

To sum up her review on The 2nd Law by Muse, Adrienne would go as far as to say: “The Resistance is futile… The 2nd Law rules!” Is she backed up by mounting evidence by the album itself — or is that just sheer Madness? Read on.