Category: music reviews


Holy Ghost! – Holy Ghost!

After Holy Ghost’s shimmery Hold On, their classy little debut on the New York dance scene released four years ago, they are back with a record perfect for DFA sensibilities, being warm, indie, and nicely retro.


Hebe Tien – To Hebe

In her debut, just titled To Hebe, S.H.E member Hebe writes a letter to herself about the complicated dealings of love and self-love.


Hathaways – Hand Me Down

Hathaways’ first EP release Hand me Down is a really fresh startup for the duo, who combine indie folk with Peruvian flavor that sounds familiar, yet brand new.


H.E.A.T – Address The Nation

Address the nation gives you a little bit of all the legends from the late 80s and 90s like Europe, Whitesnake and some Mötley Crew, but with H.E.A.T’s own sound of course. The album is packed with songs made to make an impact on today’s rock charts.


Gummy – Loveless EP

One of the strongest voices in the Korean music scene – and sometimes very much underrated – is back after two years with an EP that is going to make you nod your head to the beat.