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With IU’s second mini-album, the quest to find her style was very much put out there. The end result is a very unbalanced mini that tries to hard but isn’t that bad.


Isaac Delgado – L.O.V.E.

Never understood cover tribute albums, but Isaac Delgado’s tribute to Nat King Cole en Español gives more than a playful re-imagining of the songs in Spanish. It’s got Latin Jazz soul.


IMMI – Switch

Japanese Electro-Pop is something that isn’t as mainstream as your typical J-Pop, but is rising steadily. If you want to get into it, IMMI is a good way to start. SWITCH is her debut indie album, which sums up her first two singles Klaxon and Cosmic Pink while adding so much more.


Ian Britt – Box

Ian Britt isn’t new to the music scene; however, his latest effort, Box, carries itself with great ease, as if he were saying hello to anyone who may be within earshot.


Hyun Joong Kim – Break Down (EP)

The former leader of SS501, Hyun Joong Kim, came out with his solo EP Break Down on July 08, 2011. Being the last member of SS501 releasing his solo work, Break Down still harbors the sound of SS501 but with a litle bit sexier.


Human League, The – Credo

Credo, The Human League’s latest release, is a trip back to the days of cheerful synthpop, keytars and ugly haircuts -– the good old 80s. It is a venture back to their comfort zone, a blast from the past with slight notes of contemporary electronica and an upbeat attitude.