Category: music reviews


Brian Joo – Unveiled

Brian Joo released his third solo project Unveiled. It takes a bit of a different direction than anything he did with Fly to the Sky or on his previous albums.


Nina Sky – The Other Side

Nina Sky are now bobbing their new pixie cuts and rolling with the New York indie hip-hop scene. Do they still hold up against their classic grindfest, Move Ya Body?


No Brain – High Tension

High Tension is full of fast paced songs that will, ironically, help relieve your tensions as you listen. I’m happy to add another hard hitting No Brain album to my collection of music I can listen to when I need energy.


Stefanie Sun – It’s Time

I have to admit that I underestimated Stefanie Sun’s talent. Eleven albums after her debut, she returns with the long awaited It’s Time, four years after Against the Light.


Big Bang – Mini Album Vol. 4

Big Bang released a third version of their fourth mini-album, this time with a few additional songs. When the original edition of this album released I was disappointed…



With IU’s second mini-album, the quest to find her style was very much put out there. The end result is a very unbalanced mini that tries to hard but isn’t that bad.


Pigeon Detectives, The – Up, Guards and at ‘Em!

Up, Guards and at ‘Em!, the third album by Leeds-based The Pigeon Detectives, is a fairly underwhelming record with no memorable moments to make it worthwhile. With strong competition in the post punk revival/guitar rock scene, The Pigeon Detectives need to step up their game if they want to stay relevant.