Category: music reviews


Macy Gray – The Sellout

After the success of I Try, it seemed that Macy Gray had only moderate success, even if she had it all going for her. In The Sellout, she is fresh, soothing… and happy. It’s carefree and it’s got a lot of soul.


Madeleine Peyroux – Bare Bones

It might be her soothing voice and the simple yet beautiful melody, or maybe it’s the French name… but there must be something that makes Madeleine Peyroux worth listening to.


Mamamoo – Melting

In Melting, Mamamoo’s first full-length studio album, they bridge old-school and youthful images with ease, managing one of the most solid commercial releases of 2016 so far.


Marit Larsen – Spark

Marit Larsen’s The Spark is certainly more pop rock than ever, with really soft hints of folk with a grandeur background orchestra.


Marit Larsen – The Chase

The Chase is an album that tells a love story summarized in the first track which gives the record its name, and just like that it sets the different stages in this story.


Maroon 5 – Hands All Over

Maroon 5’s new album, Hands All Over, has a very clear sound, more produced and elaborated than their previous work, but still possessing the same energy.