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Linda – Love Presents

Linda Liao’s return to music, after seven years away from it, comes in the form of Love Presents, a ten-track pop album prominently talking about love.


Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns

The Catalyst takes a big risk by not using the traditional verse-chorus-verse structure, instead picking every single idea they’ve had for the past three years and putting them into something that may sound like a concept album… or not.


Linkin Park – One More Light

Linkin Park has had to deal with lots of complains from the fans, due to the drastic change in their sound. And after following the band for 17 years, I kinda understand both sides’ frustration.


Lita – Who Cares

There’s a new face in the R&B/Dance scene in Korea. She’s fluent in Thai, Korean and English. And her name is Lita.


Lizette & – Just Smile

Industrial Rock. It is a genre that you normally don’t hear that much of when you put on your normal radio station, and therefore Lizette& will function as a fresh breeze in your everyday ear when you have tired of listening to mainstream rock music.


m-flo – Square One

m-flo has always been telling us a story which each album. They reinvent themselves to present their audience with a new style on each album, so if you’re going to remain an m-flo fan, you need to be able to adapt to the changes.


M.I.C – V

V marks a VERY strong debut album from M.I.C as a band, paving the way to a very interesting discography if it continues to have the support of their fans and, maybe most importantly, the Mandopop music industry.

M4 – Volume 1 0

M4 – Volume 1

Volume 1 is M4’s first full-length album as a group. They all started out as solo artists and it shows that they all have strong musical histories.