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G-Dragon & T.O.P. – GD & TOP

This collaboration and album came like a surprise to everyone. A sweet, sweet surprise. Because there is no denying that G-Dragon and T.O.P. are the coolest members in Big Bang.


Gazette, The – Vortex

A mix of traditional Visual Kei style with a dash of electro and a pinch of seductive. Vortex is yet another great addition to the already amazing The GazettE discography.

Geeks – Officially Missing You 3

Geeks – Officially Missing You

Geeks’ debut album is certainly promising. The music is good, the vocals are nice. One of the guys reminds me a little too much of G-Dragon in pitch and timbre but I guess if you love G-Dragon you’ll love this duo.

Girugamesh – GO 6

Girugamesh – GO

GO is an experiment of an album. Girugamesh are a bit of an experiment as well. They’ve become a band that expresses their personality through their music.