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Offspring, The – Smash

The Offspring’s Smash has aged very well and its content remains very varied and far superior to anything The Offspring has ever released in their entire career.


Offspring, The – Days Go By

How much has The Offspring changed since their latest efforts? Not much, really. Days Go By isn’t an awful album by any means, but I’ll admit that it grew on me a little bit on my recent re-listen.


No Brain – High Tension

High Tension is full of fast paced songs that will, ironically, help relieve your tensions as you listen. I’m happy to add another hard hitting No Brain album to my collection of music I can listen to when I need energy.


Nneka – Soul is Heavy

Nneka’s Soul is Heavy is split between the socio-political arc that her previous albums have taken and the ever-present heartache of love.


Nina Sky – The Other Side

Nina Sky are now bobbing their new pixie cuts and rolling with the New York indie hip-hop scene. Do they still hold up against their classic grindfest, Move Ya Body?


NEWS – Live

NEWS is known for their happy, light and genki music! This is exactly what the album is filled with. It is your typical NEWS sound, nothing too complicated, light J-pop with one or two tracks that really stand out.