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Juanes – MTV Unplugged

Juanes is really not unfamiliar to this strong Latin sound in his music, but it’s more evident in this performance thanks to Juan Luis Guerra’s arrangements and overall take-over as a producer.


Exitmusic – Passage

Exitmusic’s debut LP album Passage seeks to bring you through the dark and gloomy side of life by confronting it up close and personal. How well do they fare? Adrienne shares with you her take in this review.


2NE1 – Scream

Out of all the 2NE1 releases in Japanese, this one makes the most sense. The song is catchy and displays a different side to 2NE1’s edgy personalities.


XIA – Tarantallegra

I can’t say I was completely prepared for this album. However, starting from the interlude you can tell that Tarantallegra is a completely different party monster all together.


YB – Blue Whale

Following their successful appearances on Survival: I Am A Singer, YB released a new mini album back in November.