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Yuguo – Those Words I Want to Say to You

Shanghai indie rock band Yuguo releases their EP titled Those Words I Want to Say to You (那些我想对你说的话) after a visit to Spain — and you can certainly feel the influences — in which they tell a story in six tracks.


Yellow Monsters – Riot!

Sophomore albums are sometimes cursed for new bands that had a strong debut. They change their sound and flop, or stay too much the same and have the same reaction. There is no such problem for the Yellow Monsters and Riot!.


YB – Blue Whale

Following their successful appearances on Survival: I Am A Singer, YB released a new mini album back in November.


Yankie – Lost in Memories

Stepping out into the spotlight on his own, Yankie of the hip-hop duo TBNY released his first solo album, Lost In Memories. The album boasts an amazing line up of featured artists, high quality production and amazing lyrics.


XIA – Tarantallegra

I can’t say I was completely prepared for this album. However, starting from the interlude you can tell that Tarantallegra is a completely different party monster all together.


XIA – Incredible

Xia Junsu’s sophomore effort shows a more mature and musically diverse Junsu than we were introduced to in his debut.