Category: film reviews


Colors of the Mountain, The

The Colors of the Mountain follows the story of a little kid named Manuel who lives for football and for drawing the scenery of his town, stuck in the middle of an armed conflict.


Como En El Cine (2015)

Nico’s life is falling apart, which pushes him to re-encounter himself with his true love: Cinema. Alongside his friends, they’ll explore the theme of friendship and fulfilling dreams that they used to have.


Compliance (2012)

Craig Zobel’s look at a dark, twisted crime that really happened teeters the line between being exploitative and not, while delivering an impressive movie.


Computer Chess

Proving itself as a smart and layered work that practically begs for a rewatch, Andrew Bujalski’s film will more than likely leave you lost in a loop for days.


Comrades: Almost a Love Story

Comrades: Almost a Love Story is a love story (it really is, it’s not an almost). However, the story almost adds elements that take you to the precise time and place alongside these people, who stop being characters from a movie and become real people.


Concubine, The (Korean Film)

Though the poster may mislead, The Concubine deals little with love, instead entangling itself with sacrifice, suspicion, backstabbing and revenge set in the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1897) in a way that you’re never likely to see on television unless HBO is planning a telenovela.


Confessions (Japanese Film)

Confessions tells the story of a high school teacher that loses her child. Seeing as she is a very smart woman, she comes to the conclusion that her daughter has been murdered by one of her students.


Congress, The (2013)

The Congress, which features once again the “actor/actress playing as himself/herself” card, something seen more frequently in television rather than film. This time, however, Robin Wright happens to be the main act in this partially animated film.


Conjuring, The

James Wan delivers a seventies style haunted house and possession film that’s a step up from his last work and a nice addition to the genre.